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Museum Cabriniano

Welcome to the "Saint Frances Cabrini Spirituality Center" in Codogno! The "S. Frances Cabrini" Spirituality Center occupies the central area around the center cloister.

When, in 1874, the young schoolteacher Frances Cabrini, who was only 24, was invited to Codogno by the Pastor Monsignor Antonio Serrati, to reorganize a small orphanage called, "House of Providence", Codogno was still a big rural village with less than 10,000 inhabitants.

Frances Cabrini remained in the House of Providence for six years, trying to bring order and create a climate of peace and serenity for the orphans. But she had to suffer a lot because the two women who founded the House, using their money, did not have the human and Christian qualities to direct it. For this reason, the Bishop of Lodi and the Pastor of Codogno hoped that the young teacher could turn it into a Religious Home. Francesca accepted that position. After six years, the Bishop of Lodi, Monsignor Domenico Gelmini, seeing that despite Francesca's work and efforts, things had not changed, he sent for her and said: "I know you want to become a Missionary, I do not know any Missionary Institutes, start one yourself." Frances Cabrini responded: I'll look for a Home!

Francesca, after various hardships, purchased the old convent with the help of Monsignor Serrati and following bishop of Lodi's exhortation, Msgr. Domenico Gelmini. On November 10, 1880, with six other Companions, Francesca left the House of Providence and came to live here, in this House, where we find ourselves today, bringing few personal things. She began the great journey of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus! The Sisters began to clean, rebuild, beautify, heat, and prepare the Chapel with vigor and enthusiasm, and on November 14, 1880 the Institute of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was opened. Immediately the Missionaries opened an orphanage, a school, a boarding school and a work and embroidery school.