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The Travels Of Mother Frances

In the cases we can see a series of personal items the Mother used in her travels. Mother Frances left for her first mission March 23, 1889 and arrived in New York eight days later, after that first experience she crossed the Atlantic more than two dozen times. The objects used by the Saint during her tours are also added, such as her bag, pocket watch, some American banknotes, a train ticket, and documents that testify to her activities away from Italy, like the moving letter from Sing Sing prisoners heartfully thanking the Mother and all the sisters for the consolation they received. Another certificate of high esteem that the world offered to the congregation and their work in progress in various states and overseas is the European Grand Prix that Mother Cabrini received during the International Exposition in Milan in 1906. Next to this material, interesting as historical evidence as well as documentation of the Mother's life and activity, we find her travel tabernacle displayed. Next to it the document of the Mother's American citizenship obtained in 1909 is displayed. In the museum, a map of journeys allows you to ideally retrace the routes followed by Mother Cabrini.