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museum cabriniano

Foundation Of The Institute Of The Missionaries Of The Sacred Heart Of Jesus

In 1880 at the age of thirty, following the path of faith that led her to a religious profession in 1877, Mother Frances Xavier Cabrini founded the Institute of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The museum exhibition aims to highlight both the foundation's material aspects, testified for with objects such as the House's front door keys, or the Institute's memoir book, and its spiritual aspects underpinning such an important event, above all the image of the Sacred Heart that the Mother wanted in Houses's first Chapel, and the reference to Msgr. Antonio Serrati, Pastor of Codogno, who had supported the Mother's project. You can see the original book "Memoirs of the Institute of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus" next to the icon, which shows the original writings and accurate diaries detailing the operations and founding of the Missionaries of Codogno from 1880 to 1922. You can also see the original keys of the Institute's main entrance, obtained after long hard work and prayers, and the Institution's stamp. There is also a hand-embroidered picture "for the Grace received", probably referring to the grace of the foundation by Mother Cabrini, the place where we are now and where the Institute's history began!