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museum cabriniano

The Cabriniano Museum

The Museum Cabriniano in Codogno is based in several rooms of the House first established by Mother Frances Cabrini. The exhibition path allows us to enter through the same door Mother Cabrini crossed through, climb the same stairs, and pass through the places which were originally the cells of the seven nuns and Saint's room. We observe, climbing slowly up the stairway, the series of paintings made in 1950 by the artist Aldo Cogni, also known as "Cabri", summarizing the important moments of the Saint's life: her youth as a teacher, the foundation of the Institute, the Mission with its commitment towards Italian emigrants in America. Mother Cabrini embarked in Le Havre on March 23, 1889, her first destination was New York, where she landed on March 31 at 7 p.m., the first of over 24 overseas trips made by the Mother. The museum collects objects and documents telling the story of the extraordinary life of Saint Frances Saverio Cabrini, from her teens until her death, along with important evidence of the Mother's Beatification and Canonization processes, and following is a review of the Mission today and a number of testaments from various homes worldwide, viewable throughout the exhibition halls. The arrangement of the material follows a thematic scansion, in a non completely chronological order