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Museal Objects


The Cabrini Museum now hosts a complex multimedia exhibition. The usability of the exhibition was enriched with the creation of audio guides (offline and online) dedicated to the international public in five languages; Italian, Spanish, English, Brazilian and Latin Spanish. The audio guide can be downloaded by users directly from their mobile devices via QR-CODE traces positioned along the exhibition. The presence of multimedia elements will ensure a considerable differentiation of the exhibition, offering interesting insights to be enjoyed through holographic panels, monitors, digital photo frames, touch-screen and audio points with which the visitor will feel like the protagonist on an original path through history and Cabrini charisma.
The Cabrininian Museum is closely related to the so-called "Cabriniani Places" of Lodigiano: Sant'Angelo Lodigiano, where you can visit the original home of the Saint; Livraga and Vidardo, also places historically related to Frances Cabrini's childhood and adolescence. The museum offers guided tours and educational courses, also for organized groups and schools. Visits to the Museum are booked by appointment.
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