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museum cabriniano

The Cenacle

The name "Cenacle" refers to the place where the Apostles were gathered together with the Virgin Mary, waiting for the coming of the Holy Spirit, symbolically the Missionaries  gathered daily with the Mother Founder here. Several original furnishings are still preserved inside. The "Cenacle" was therefore, the part of the house where the Mother taught her Missionaries the Congregation rules, approved by the Holy See in 1907. In the cabinet, you can find displayed the Institute Constitutions, Exhortations, or the instructions given by the Saint to the Missionaries, regarding the appropriate way of life - for example - behavior outside the home, observance of the Rules and Vows, prayer, missionary activity and relationships with people.In the Cenacle there is also a collection of photographs of the General Superiors, who led the Institute of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus after Mother Frances.