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museum cabriniano


Museal Objects

Personal Room

Mother Cabrini not only rested in this room, she wrote, prayed, and meditated and here she received special lighting for her life and those of her Missionaries. Next to that modest desk, the Mother wrote the Constitutions and the Rules of the Institute of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus on her knees. In that Book and in her Letters the fruits of her prayer are collected: her charisma necessary to express the style of life and mission of each Missionary of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. From the inspiration of the Sacred Heart and the comfort of the Virgin of Grace Holy Mary, Mother Cabrini understood that Jesus came togive Life and give it in abundance : each Missionary of the Sacred Heart is committed to continue and carry out the wishes of the Heart of God who wants humanity safe and happy. In this room Mother Cabrini kept the Holy Child Missionary she addressed her concerns to, constantly praying to him.