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Gifts Offered To Mother Cabrini

Numerous gifts received by Mother Cabrini in her lifetime from different parts of the world can be seen in the showcases and on the walls along the first section of the corridor.In the first showcases there is the collection of medals of the House of Savoy, particularly significant for its value and completeness. In the next showcase there are some liturgical vestments and sacred vessels belonging to the early days of the Institute's Foundation. Following is the equally interesting group of liturgical vestments, sacred vessels, and medals given to Saint Frances Cabrini by Pope Leo XIII, as well as the Bible, created under the auspices of the same Pope: one of the first models, and perhaps the first ever, to be translated into Latin American Spanish and later donated to the Missionaries. We can also see a copy of Raphael's Madonna, donated to the Mother by the President of the Metropolitan Museum in New York, Count Luigi Palma di Cesnola. This section of the exhibition concludes with Mother Cabrini's signed will and a photograph of the Saint's monumental tomb. She passed away in Chicago on December 22, 1917, and is buried in the West Park Cemetery in New York.