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museum cabriniano


On the wall you can see the first official photograph of Mother Cabrini at age 30! The Missionaries of the Sacred Heart's attire has changed over time. The most dramatic change came following the directives of the Second Vatican Council, after which the long black dress was replaced with a gray uniform, more suited to contemporary living.  In the windows on the left the crucifix and the ring are shown, sacred symbols that the Missionaries received on their day of entry into the congregation and the day of profession of vows. In the first display case you can see the original clothes that belonged to the Saint, the complete outfit used by the sisters daily, accompanied by the Crucifix and Rosary beads, and in the second case a long black cloak, the "chlamys", which was worn when exiting the Institute. Other personal items are on display in the glass case, like her identification card, a type of old ID card the Missionaries exhibited to identify themselves. Alongside one of the Mother's bags are prayer books used by the congregation, in particular the "Life of Jesus" written by Jesuit Spinola, because the Mother was also bound to the Ignatian spirit, which incited activity, courage, action, and above all cultivating very serious, clear spiritual growth without personalisms or attention-seeking behavior.