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Missionarie Del Sacro Cuore

The sisters of the Institute of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, founded by St. Frances Cabrini in Codogno in 1880, have expanded their range of action to other countries over the years, continuing in the spirit of Frances Cabrini, updating the mission, putting it in other contexts, at the service of life, for the advancement of women, human rights, education, health care, pastoral care for migrants, placing the mission in popular and rural contexts, in Africa, in the Philippine Islands, Australia, Russia, the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico, Spain, England, Portugal and Italy. The cry of the poor and excluded, the suffering of abandoned children and at-risk elderly, family disintegration and disorientation of young people, the tragedy of so many brothers and sisters, immigrants and refugees, the exploitation of women and human trafficking, all urge and provoke the Cabrinian Family. Nuns and seculars are called today to re-imagine the charity, to "eagerly and quickly" respond to these cries, occupying new areas of missionary insertion where life is most threatened. At the same time, they feel the strength and support they receive from the hope of the poor and the dreams of young people who are fighting for their future. The Cabrinian Family, with the missionary courage and Cabrini Charismatic strength, accepts the challenge of multiculturalism, in international communion and sharing. It wishes to witness the love and compassion of the Heart of Jesus. It undertakes, in the service of a common project involving missions and works in concrete actions, in a constant discernment of human and economic resources, to be a sign of hope and prophecy of the Kingdom of God today.