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museum cabriniano

The Institute's Silver Jubilee

1905 was an important milestone for Mother Cabrini's work: in addition to the opening of the Columbus Hospital in Chicago and the start of the Cabrini California mission, it celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Institute of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, with fifty houses scattered around the world and about eight hundred nuns. Mother Cabrini was unable to be present for the occasion in Codogno, because she was engaged in Los Angeles where, however, she received the congratulations of important people. As evidence of this significant moment in the life of the Institute, the museum conserves some certificates of recognition, such as the best wishes of a great benefactor of the Cabrini mission, the best wishes of the United States Senate, the homages of various communities' Missionaries founded by Mother, elegantly hand painted on parchment, the blessing of Pope Pius X, and the indulgences granted to the Institute on the occasion.